The Four Horsemen

Let the apocalypse begin… this one’s for you,Val!

Well.. we already have Putin; Assad is poised to take back Syria; and now Trump is in position to fight for the White House.. as Europe descends further into chaos.. can Boris be far behind?



The Four Horsemen

Thunder of hooves …

Over the brow of the hill …
jingle of armour,
gleam of teeth,
flutter of flags…
ride the Four.


Uptight and iron faced
Pale flesh naked to the waist,
Legs in leather cased
Two headed eagle on his wrist


Thin, pallor on his skin
Pencil line of mustache; drooping chin
Suited, neat as corporate pin
Rotted by blood and spin.


Yellow cat clawing at his brain
Dollars pour on him like rain
Cowboy on the empty plain
His breath spreads hate and fear and pain..


in the saddle
of his spavined mare,
Panic riots in his hair,
Starved of thought, of honour, of renown …
The last outrider stumbles into town .


Work in Progress


I am thinking

about spending

some time every day

not thinking .


In particular,

not thinking about

climate change world war 3 David Cameron money imminent annihilation and whether I should buy some more milk.


I am thinking this


I think that one should be present in the moment;

which involves not thinking.




I am getting there.


I think.


The Kingdom of Ozymandias was destroyed,
In time,
By Time.

When Assad takes back his country
And stands on a heap of twisted rubble and children’s skulls
Surveying the wilderness he has made of
His ancient civilisation,
His great cities,
His fragile people,

He will have the satisfaction of knowing
That his was not
by time
But by himself.

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair !


In my own defence .. most of these lyrics are child-friendly: this is my take on earth and Human Evolution.. from a cell to the stars in one short song.. With the music, this is really lovely. Can’t wait to hear the children sing it.

Movement 4: Earth


Solo:   Sleep little one

Sleep for your mother

Rocked in the water

of your

Salty sea ..

Sleep little one..

Sleep little cell


Sleep, sleep, sleep …



Swim little one

Swim for your mother

Roll in the surges

of crashing waves

Swim, little one,

Swim little fish


Swim, swim, swim



Hop, little one

Hop for your mother

Up sliding beaches 


tangling shore

Hop little one

Hop little frog


Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop



Run little one

Run for your mother

Under branches

Over grass

Run little one

Run clever ape


Run . Run… 



Fly little one

Fly for your mother 

From mother earth

To the furthest sky

Fly little one,

Fly lovely bird


Fly, fly ,fly , fly, fly



The Universe revisited

This is my second attempt at lyrics for the universe.. it fits in beautifully with Jools’ music.. but I’m not sure the younger children will take to it.. very much my view of things, really. I’ll see what Jools says…


Movement 8: The Universe






















Where are we?


Where are we?


When are we?


When are we?


Why are we?




Are we?

I love riding on the train..

Still spending too much time on trains..


I love riding on the train

Never knowing

If we’re going ..


Love the drama

Love the pain..

Love the sense of

Tense adventure..


As we sit and watch the cows

Moving slowly munching past us


I love waiting on the train

Never knowing

Why we’re waiting..


Has a leaf blown on the line?

Has a signal blown a gasket?

Has there been a hurricane?

Will Google tell me if I ask it?


Oh! We’re moving

Past the cow pat

Past the field end

Do we think that ..

Yes! We’re picking

Up the speed

Here we go!






So much time

To sit and chat

Get to know

The people round us

As we speculate and bet

On just how late

We’re going to be ..


Play the happy game

Of  train trumps..

I am missing

A big meeting

What points do I get for that?

Does it trump your


Or your starving little cat?


They say travelling

In hope

Is always better

Than arriving..


What a slogan

That would be..

We will keep you happy



I love riding on the train

Never knowing

Always hoping ..