The Getting of Wisdom

My grandchildren were playing together on the carpet.
Fairly amicably.
Mostly quiet..

Then came the noise of a small car
hitting Inigo on the ear.


‘Sorry’ , said Tilly (7) , politely.
‘I didn’t see you there.’

A few minutes later, another small missile flew
in the opposite direction.


‘Sorry’, said Inigo (4), politely.
‘I didn’t see you there.’

Thus human skills pass down from age to age.

A wind out of the East

A wind blew out of the East.

Blew and Blew and Blew.

Houses and fences and cars
Flowers and donkeys and teddy bears

Flew and flew and flew

And people,
round people
thin people
tall people
little people
clutching marbles and jam tarts and keys and carpets
high into the air..
gliding and turning and twisting in the wind.

Where they landed people rushed to pick them up
and dust them down
and set them on their feet again.

But still the wind blew.

Huge black clouds boiled and rumbled in the firmament
And the whole sky was filled with blowing.

And they left the falling people
and rushed inside
and barred their doors
and crouched in their cellars
and clung to the roots of the earth.

But still the wind blew.