Hi folks,

If any of you have a moment, could you help me out?

I want to submit three poems for the national Poetry Competition, which is ridiculous really because there are hundreds of thousands of entries, but well- thought I might try. I need to choose three poems, I think  – and I know which three I might choose, but it would be really interesting to see which 3 those cherished little band of readers of mine like best. Do you think you could let me know on a comment on this blog?

Thank you!





3 thoughts on “Help?

  1. Very, very hard to choose. The response to poetry is very personal, inevitably. After much thought, I think I would select these as my favourites: ‘I love riding on the train’, ‘The Four Horsemen’ and ‘Rise and Fall’. It will be very interesting to see what others pick and what you decide on in the end.


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