1940’s Lyrics:My friends all say..

Another love song, on a familiar theme:

My friends all say
You’re bad for me
You’ll leave me be..
Just drop me flat
Cut me like that..
As soon
As someone better comes along..

My friends all say
You need a shave
And cash to save
Where would we live?
What could you give?
Till someone better comes along..

They can have their perfect boyfriends
With their shiny city suits
And their monogrammed red braces
And their silly stupid faces..
They can have their cars and houses
And their dutiful dull spouses
Is there anything at Macy’s
Half as fun as
Half an hour
With you?

My friends all say
Too good for you..
If they only knew..
How grand it is
To be with you..
I’m so glad..
That someone better came along…


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