Home Again

This is a lyric to a song I wrote some years ago now which Jools set very movingly to music. There is a lovely recording of it sung by Nuala.

The sun is setting on the city
The pavement gleams with sudden rain
Umbrellas blossom all around me
Time to go home again.

I reach the door and turn the key
I go to call your name and then
I see your coat still hanging empty.
I know I’m home again.

Since you’ve been gone
The house is silent..
Each day is just another day….

Why did you leave?
What was the matter?
What did I do?
What did I say?

Time keeps passing..
Days keep passing..
You have gone away..

Maybe tonight I’ll get a phone call
I’ll hear your footsteps in the hall
Maybe you’ll come from where you’ve gone to
And we’ll be home again.


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